Fine Arts Academy, building D


Fine Arts Academy, building D

Wrocław, Poland in progress 2023

Lighting design project for the interior, facade, and outdoor areas of Building D at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. During the conceptual stage, we also consulted the facade in terms of working with natural light.

The facade lighting is realized using custom fixtures in the arcade and oriel windows. The lamps in the oriel windows are repeated on each floor, creating a consistent lighting concept visible from the outside for the entire building.

In addition, the interior spaces are illuminated using fixtures tailored to the functions of the rooms, as well as custom fixtures enhancing the spaces.

  • Kama Wybieralska
  • Paulina Dudkiewicz
  • Natalia Andrzejak
  • Projekt Praga
rendering: Piotr Banak
facade lighting scheme; lighting with the use of custom fixtures in the arcades and oriels
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custom light fixtures designed for arcade lighting
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view of the classroom: fixtures in the oriel windows and linear system
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tottem - custom fixture in the lecture hall
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mirror installation in common student's area