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With the use of light, we enhance the character of a place and underline the strong qualities of architecture. Our bespoke lighting concepts correspond with the context while introducing an additional visual layer. Having users and their comfort in mind, we create unique experiences and a distinct atmosphere.

We provide comprehensive lighting design for projects of various scales and functions:, including public buildings, cultural institutions, exhibitions, scenography, façade, landscape and public space, interior designs and private residences. We also create artistic lighting installations and complement the representative parts of buildings with custom-designed light fixtures.


Our team of professionals is experienced in multidisciplinary collaborations on complex tasks and focused on working toward common goals.

  • Kama Wybieralska
    Lighting designer and product designer, founder of aureola studio. With her background in lighting design, product design, visual identity, and a passion for architecture, she navigates smoothly across all scales of projects, paying close attention to the detail and always referencing established lighting concept for each project. Before founding aureola studio, she honed her craft in New York, where she worked as a lighting designer at L'observatoire International and Derek Porter Studio, as well as a product designer at Richard Meier Light.

    In her opinion, light creates the atmosphere of space and is one of the most important factors in how one perceives it.

    BA Product Design and Visual Communication, Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw, PL
    MA Lighting Design, Parsons the New School for Design, New York, USA

    Kama Wybieralska

    founder, lighting and product designer

  • Iwona Borkowska
    Architect and project manager experienced in leading complex projects of nearly every scale and function. She puts her passion for leading project teams and her ability to work towards a common goal into practice as a partner at the architectural firm WWAA, where she was responsible for the firm's largest architectural, urban, and exhibition projects. She is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and a belief that good architecture, as her French mentors used to say, is "L'espace et la lumiere,"

    MArch, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, ES
    MArch, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, PL
    Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Nancy, Nancy, FR
    Project Management, post graduate programme, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, PL

    Iwona Borkowska

    partner, project manager, architect

  • Natalia Andrzejak
    Architect and lighting designer, who has been gaining experience at aureola.studio since 2021, is a student at the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. In lighting design, she values the versatility of light the most, as it allows for the flexible accentuation of the key architectural elements. In her opinion, good architecture cannot exist without properly selected lighting.

    Natalia Andrzejak

    junior lighting designer, architect

  • Marta Myśliwiec
    Architect with experience in designing residential interiors, public spaces, and exhibition areas. She expanded her knowledge and interests while studying at the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. She places significant importance on a holistic approach to design, aiming for quality execution and user comfort. In her work, she pays great attention to the role of light in architecture as a tool that shapes our perception of space.

    Marta Myśliwiec

    lighting designer in training, architect

  • Joanna Filipowska
    An interdisciplinary artist and lighting designer with a background in architecture and performing arts. This combination gives her a unique perspective from which to approach the design and build engagement in the viewer. Her works are directed towards crossing disciplines and curating atmospheres, with and through light.

    Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Wroclaw, PL
    MA in Lighting Design at AAU, Copenhagen, DK

    Joanna Filipowska

    lighting designer, architect

  • Mariusz Madejski
    Electrical engineer with extensive experience, a professional in managing lighting and electrical projects. His journey to success began at the Electrical Department of the Silesian University of Technology, where he gained a solid foundation in the field of electricity. However, it was his practical skills, understanding of the complexity of projects, and passion for architectural lighting that made him an exceptional specialist.

    He not only designs complex electrical installations but also often serves as a supervisory inspector, ensuring the highest quality and safety of the projects being carried out. He is constantly interested in new technologies and innovations that translate into lighting quality, energy efficiency, and the final lighting effect.

    Mariusz Madejski

    electrical engineer


We are always interested to meet potential team members to join our team. 
If you’d like to apply, please drop us an e-mail with your portfolio and resume to: career@aureola.studio

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